San Diego Triathlon Classic

Olympic Course


The swim course of this spectacular San Diego Olympic triathlon is a rectangular course in the calm San Diego Bay. Water temperatures are generally in the high 60s, so wetsuits are recommended. Entry and exit to the water is adjacent to the transition area and will be accomplished through the use of stairs with volunteers standing by to assist.

Swim Course distance: 1500 meters (map below)

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The bike course is a challenging and hilly route. Racers will have the rare opportunity to ride through the Naval Base at Pt. Loma before ascending McLelland Dr. to Cabrillo National Monument. A left turn at the top of the hill will take riders to the lighthouse turn-around where sweeping views of the San Diego skyline and Mexico to the south await them. After a quick ride on the up and down rollers of Catalina Ave. the racers will be descending down Canon St. Racers will repeat the portion of the course that runs through the base and Cabrillo before returning to Liberty Station via Scott St. and Harbor Drive. This bike course is only one of many reasons with the San Diego Triathlon Classic is the best Olympic triathlon in San Diego.

For an interactive map, including downloadable directions, GPS files, and elevation information, click here.

Bike Course distance: 40k (two laps)

Turn by Turn (bike course):

  • Exit transition and turn left on Cushing
  • Left Laning
  • Right Harbor Dr.
  • Veer Left to Scott St.
  • BEGIN LAP at Avenida de Portugal
  • Right Bessemer
  • Left Rosecrans
  • Pass thru Base Entrance
  • Right McLelland
  • Right Patterson, U-Turn just past Fleming
  • Right McLelland
  • Left Cabrillo Memorial/Catalina
  • At end of Cabrillo Memorial/Catalina, round about within park, return on Catalina to Canon
  • Right Canon
  • Left Locust
  • Right Avenida de Portugal
  • Right Scott
  • OLYMPIC ONLY – BEGIN LAP 2 (Repeat course as above for lap 1)
  • END OF LAP, turn left on Scott from Avenida de Portugal
  • Veer right onto Harbor Dr.
  • Left Laning
  • Right Cushing
  • Circle Ingram Plaza
  • Left Farragut
  • Enter Transition

Due to the heightened security in and around Naval Base Pt. Loma, no pre-riding of the course will be allowed. Also, on race day, no civilian spectators will be allowed on base, only athletes and race support vehicles. We understand that many athletes prefer to preview a bike course, but please understand that we are very fortunate to be able to use Naval Base Pt. Loma for the bike portion of the San Diego Triathlon Classic and ask that you respect the wishes of the base both prior to, and during, race day.


The run course will consist of laps within NTC Park at Liberty Station. Runners will go around a landlocked Naval Ship, the USS Recruit, and over the pedistrian bridge, then will run alongside the water canal and next to beautiful Ingram Plaza before finishing near the transition area.

For an interactive map, including downloadable directions, GPS files, and elevation information, click here.

Run Course distance: 10k (two laps)

Olympic Run Course Map

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Disclaimer: Courses are subject to change unexpectedly, at the Race Director’s discretion. All distances are approximate, but within USAT requirements. Race may be cancelled, postponed, or altered with no refunds given due to earthquakes, terrorism threats (perceived or real), terrorism acts, wildfire, police activity, or any other natural disturbance.


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Expo Location

2816 Historic Decatur Road, San Diego, CA 92106

Race Location

NTC Park in Liberty Station San Diego, CA 92106