San Diego Triathlon Classic

Tri Club Challenge


The San Diego Triathlon Classic is pleased to introduce Challenges to this year’s race. Eligible athletes may elect to complete in a Challenge, in addition to competing within their regular category.

If you are eligible to compete in a particular Challenge and would like to join, simply select that Challenge when filling out your registration form. If you are eligible for multiple Challenges, you many only compete in one.

Tri Club Challenge Eligibility

To compete in the Tri Club Challenge, athletes must be a current member of an active triathlon club and register for the Tri Club Challenge with the club’s name.

Tri Club Challenge Awards

The tri club with the highest percentage their membership competing in the race (Participation Award) and the tri club with the highest number of points based upon the scoring system described below (Achievement Award) will each receive a San Diego Triathlon Classic perpetual trophy. These trophies will reside with the winning tri clubs for a year. Winning tri clubs will also be awarded additional prizes.

Achievement Award Scoring

  • Each Tri Club Challenge participant will be ranked within their age group category, from first place through tenth place and awarded the following number of points for each place:
    • 1st Place = 100 points
    • 2nd Place = 90 points
    • 3rd Place = 85 points
    • 4th Place = 75 points
    • 5th Place = 70 points
    • 6th Place = 65 points
    • 7th Place = 60 points
    • 8th Place = 55 points
    • 9th Place = 50 points
    • 10th Place = 45 points
  • Tri Club Challenge participants not placing in the top ten age group places will be awarded five participation points, plus travel points based upon the distance of the individual’s club’s hometown to San Diego, CA. Travel points will be awarded based the following schedule:
    • ≥5,000 miles = 30 points
    • 4,000 to 4,999 miles = 25 points
    • 3,000 to 3,999 miles = 20 points
    • 2,000 to 2,999 miles = 15 points
    • 1,000 to 1,999 miles = 10 points
    • 600 to 999 miles = 5 points
    • 300 to 599 miles = 3 points
    • 150 to 299 miles = 2 points
    • Less than 140 miles = 0 points
  • Each tri club in the Tri Club Challenge will be awarded travel points based upon the distance of the club’s hometown to San Diego, CA. Travel points will be awarded based the same schedule as listed above.
  • Once all of the points have been tallied, each club’s total amount of points will be divided by the total number of its participants in the race, leveling the playing field between smaller clubs and larger clubs.


Click the placemarker on the map to the right for directions.

Expo Location

2816 Historic Decatur Road, San Diego, CA 92106

Race Location

NTC Park in Liberty Station San Diego, CA 92106