Registration Questions

Can I switch from the Olympic Distance to the Sprint Distance (or vice versa)?

You will find the Refunds and Transfers info here for instructions for switching distances.

What are the requirements to register for the Athena or Clydesdale divisions?

Per USAT guidelines, minimum weight will be 220 pounds for men  competing in the Clydesdale division and 165 pounds for women competing in the Athena division. Athletes registered as Athena or Clydesdale will be required to weigh-in at packet pick-up. Any women under 165 pounds or men under 220 pounds at that time will be switched into their applicable Age Group.

I never got the pre-race email, what how do I get that information?

Closer to 2019 race day, a copy of the pre-race email will be posted here.

General Race Questions

I heard you sent out emails with detailed preparation information about the race, but I missed those emails. How can I find them?

The 2019 pre-race emails can be found here:

Are there any course cut-off times?

There are no cut-off times on the swim or the run courses, or on the race overall; however, there is a cut-off time on the bike course. All participants must have exited the Cabrillo National Monument by 9:00 AM, when it opens to the public. The bike course exits the Cabrillo National Monument at approximately mile 7 (lap 1) and mile 17 (lap 2). If participants have not made it to the top of McClelland Rd and Cabrillo Memorial Dr/Catalina Blvd by 8:45 AM (1st lap Sprint, 2nd lap for Olympic), they’ll be diverted north onto Cabrillo Memorial Dr/Catalina Blvd instead of south, bypassing the out-and-back to the Cabrillo National Monument.  Though they will not be able to complete the 3.9 mile out-and-back to the Monument, they will NOT be pulled from the course and they WILL be able to finish the remainder of the bike course, as well as the remainder of the race.

What we understand this cutoff may seem to add to the challenge of the race, it is quite uncommon for participants to miss the cutoff.  Out of the nearly 800 participants in the 2011 race, only two did not make the cutoff. We’re very fortunate to be able have access to the Cabrillo National Monument for this race and, as such, we need to adhere to the guidelines they place on our access to the park, especially if we would like to continue to hold the race within in the National Monument in future years.

Can I use/wear headphones during the race?

Headphones are not allowed during any portion of the race, per USAT guidelines.

How are ages for the age groups calculated?

Ages are calculated according to the USAT guidelines, stating: “All age group athletes must participate and compete in the age group division corresponding to the athlete’s age on December 31 of the year of the event.”

Can you tell me what wave I will be in?

Wave start times will be published as soon as possible.  However, it is difficult to publish wave start times in too far in advance of the start of the race, without an accurate count of race participants.  Having an accurate count on participants allows us to combine categories as efficiently as possible and therefore have the most economical number of waves — which means that everyone will get out on to the race course more quickly.

Swim Course Questions

Can I pre-swim the course?

No, unfortunately the NTC boat channel is not an area that is open for public swimming.  We’re fortunate to be able to use the channel for the race, so we respectfully request that participants of the race adhere to the “no swimming” rule and do not pre-swim the channel prior to race day.  There will be time, prior to the start of the race, on Saturday morning for a swim warm-up in the channel.

Can I wear a wetsuit during the swim?

Yes, the use of a wetsuit during the swim is both allowed and encouraged.

Can I use a snorkel during the swim? What about fins or paddles?

Because the use of a snorkel is actually a hindrance to swimming ability, the use of a snorkel is allowed during the race. However, because the use of fins or paddles would provide an advantage, both fins and paddles are not permitted during the race.

If I am allergic to Latex, can I wear your swim caps?

Nope, our swim caps are Latex caps. If you are allergic to Latex, please wear your own swim cap; it is okay if your cap color does not match the color of your assigned swim wave.

Bike Course Questions

I heard there is a hill in the Navy Base portion of the bike course, can I pre-ride it?

Due to the heightened security in and around Naval Base Point Loma, no pre-riding of the course will be allowed. Also, on race day, no civilian spectators will be allowed on the Base, only athletes and race support vehicles. We understand that many athletes prefer to preview a bike course, but please understand that we are very fortunate to be able to use Naval Base Point Loma for the bike portion of the San Diego Triathlon Classic and ask that you respect the wishes of the Base both prior to, and during, race day.

Is there an aid station on the bike course?

Yes, there will be an aid station providing bottles of water just past the McCleland hill on the Naval Base Point Loma portion of the bike course.  This is at approximately 4.3 miles (lap one) and 14.5 miles (lap two) into the bike course.

How many laps are there on the bike course?

There are two laps for participants completing the Olympic distance and one lap for participants completing the Sprint distance.

Run Course Questions

Is there an aid station on the run course?

There will be aid stations at approximately mile 0.0, mile 1.5, mile 2.4 on lap one, as well as mile 3.1, mile 4.6, and mile 5.5 on lap two.. These aid stations will provide water, sport drink, and energy gels.

Which sport drink will be provided on the run course?

We will be providing our runners with APX Sport Drink.

How many laps are there on the run course?

There are two laps for participants completing the Olympic distance and one lap for participants completing the Sprint distance.

Relay Questions

We’re doing a relay, how do the transitions work?

All members of your relay team will have a wristband, so you each will have access to the transition area.  However, you will only have one timing chip for the whole team, which you will need to hand-off to each team member prior to their leg of the race.  The handoff MUST take place at your spot at the transition rack.

The swimmer will begin the race with the timing chip on, will complete the swim and run into the transition area.  Once in transition, at the rack where the cyclist’s bike is hanging, he or she will remove the timing chip and give it to the cyclist.  The cyclist will put the timing chip on, grab his or her bike, run out of transition, mount his or her bike and complete the bike course.  Upon returning from the bike course, the cyclist will dismount, run his or her bike back to the transition rack, and rack his or her bike.  Then he or she will remove the timing chip and give it to the runner.  The runner will put the timing chip on and run out of transition to complete the run course.

If you would like to finish as a team, the swimmer and cyclist may meet the runner at the Lap 2 / Finish split, just before the finishing chute, to run the final leg of the race together.  Each one of you will receive a finisher’s medal.

Expo Questions

Oh, no!  I suddenly cannot attend the expo, can someone else pick-up my race packet?

Unfortunately, due to the USAT insurance requirements, only you may pick-up your race packet. We need to verify your ID, as well as have you personally sign additional waivers for USAT, the US Navy, and Moment Sporting Events.

If you cannot pick-up your packet on Friday, you must pay $30 for VIP packet pick-up on race morning. If you have not pre-paid for VIP packet pick-up with your registration, you must bring $30 (cash or check, only) with you on race morning.

If you arrive at VIP packet pick-up on race morning without the fee in-hand or having pre-paid, you will not be allowed to race.

My t-shirt does not fit the way I expected, can I exchange it for a different size?

If there are t-shirts remaining after all participants have picked-up their race materials, you may exchange your t-shirt. Please visit the registration tent on race day to exchange your t-shirt. And don’t forget to bring the t-shirt you want to exchange with you!

Post-Race Questions

Will there be refreshments after the race?

There will be a beer and mimosa garden for participants after the race. Beer served at the race is provided by our sponsor, Stone Brewing Co.

I accidentally brought my timing chip home with me, what should I do?

Please return timing chips to: Gemini Timing, Attn: SD Tri Classic, 42075 Remington Avenue, Suite 102, Temecula, CA 92590

I wasn’t able to stay for the awards ceremony, can I have my award mailed to me?

Please contact us for information for picking up your award.