Spectator’s Guide

How To Watch The San Diego Triathlon Classic

One of our goals is to make this race enjoyable to racers and spectators alike. Keeping this in mind, we created the course to maximize participant experience and spectator viewing ability.

So, before you find yourself stuck in traffic or jonesing for a good view, find out how to watch the San Diego Triathlon Classic by checking out our triathlon spectator’s guide below:


Our swim takes place in the water canal adjacent to Liberty Station. This course will allow spectators to line the sides of the canal to watch participants complete the out and back course.  Participants always get a boost from the cheers of loved ones, wait by the exit stairs to cheer on your friends and loved ones as they finish the swim and prepare for the bike.


As the course winds in and out of Point Loma on its 40km, 2-loop route, spectators will have numerous opportunities to see participants throughout the course. Feel free to bring your cowbells and line the streets of Point Loma in order to see racers screaming around corners, hitting descents and producing maximum wattage on straightaways.

For an added bonus, check out our transition area bleachers. Due to the design of the course, no other race in town offers an area where you will be able to see participants through so many different facets of the course.


Our run takes racers throughout beautiful Liberty Station. Numerous lawns and street side viewing areas will give spectators multiple options for viewing friends and family. Pull up a chair in stunning Ingraham Plaza to watch cyclists circle the monument and head in to transition, then wait as they head out on the run course and make a loop right in front of the Plaza.

Once again, if you are situated in our Transition Area Bleachers, you’ll be able to watch racers come down the straightaway to either begin their second lap or give it everything they have sprinting down the finish chute.